среда, 12 октября 2011 г.

Using eclipse for functional verification projects

I use eclipse for following features:
  1. highligthning, autocomplition, open declaration for
    • make
    • asm, c/c++,(systemc, systemc_verification sources)
    • systemverilog (and ovm,uvm,vmm) (with sveditor plugin)
    • python(with plugin)
  2. integration cvs & svn
  3. my hotkeys:
    • Ctrl+shift+R - open resource(read file) while typing its name. When project becomes huge (it usually does), it becomes unbearable to remember filesystem paths of all files. navigate->'open resource' is where eclipse beats simple editors like KDE kate.
    • F3 - open declaration
    • Ctrl+space - autocompletion 
    • Ctrl+D - delete line (yes, no more home,shift+end,delete)
    • Alt+up/down  - move line up/down ( yes, no more home, shift+end,ctrl+x,up,up,up,ctrl+v)
    • Alt+Shift+up/down - duplicate line
    • Ctrl+pageup/down - move to next tab 
    • Alt+left/right - jump to last edited place

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