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Tools and other resources

This post contains links for opensource projects, tools that might be interesting for functional verification, digital design modeling, etc.
resource linkscomments
wavedrom wavedrom editor web-service allows to draw pretty waveforms right from browser, simple&elegant
kactus ip-xact kactus at sourceforge Qt-editor for ip-xact creation and MCAPI(?). The app is eye pleasing, but still lacks some features like creation memorymaps and register editing. Regretfully, guys use Qt>4.7 which may be a showstopper for enterprise solutions (scores,hundreds of working PC) where RHEL 4,5,6 are dominating OS. As of CentOS 6 yum repos contain only Qt 4.6.
ix-reggi reggi at bitbucket Simple generator for register descriptions based on templates ( ip-xact xml => systemverilog/UVM_RGM/C/C++/HTML/etc...). An app of mine. Runs on python 2.4 with lxml (lxml is in centos 5 repos). The key idea is to separate user-specific formats from the app itself: if one needs to change case(upper/lower), add prefixes/suffixes in output systemverilog/C/C++ types/defines it will require correcting the template not the python files. There are some baked examples provided with sourcecode.
sveditor sveditor at sourceforge eclipse plugin for systemverilog, more info about installing can be found at this blog

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